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Permanently at the cutting edge of industrial cleaning & maintenance products, the mission of eurochem is to meet its customers demands and facilitate their continuous development, anticipating their needs.

The calling card of our 100% Spanish owned company is an expertise of over 25 years.  Based in Valladolid, we operate a modern plant which includes our manufacturing units, R&D laboratories, and our nearly 2,000 square meters of warehouse and distribution facilities.

Our human staff, constantly training and improving their skills, has succeeded in implementing a program of fast, efficient, tailor-made solutions, to tackle the ever more specific requirements of our clients.

Industrial cleaning and maintenance

Industrial cleaning and maintenance

The eurochem program covers the best cleaning and maintenance solutions for industrial premises, no matter how complex they may be, with a comprehensive range of disinfectants, grease removers, stripping agents, waxes, polishers, lubricants, rust-removers, dielectric agents, descalers, anticorrosives, acid and alkali cleaners, etc.

The wide range of eurochem products for industrial applications is completed with special lathering cleaners for the food industry; algaecide and chlorination products for water treatment; detergents, wax polishes and additives for automobile industry; not to mention our recognized ability to develop tailored products covering the specific needs of our clients.

Institutional health

Institutional health

Hospitals, schools, barracks, hotels and many more institutions rely upon the efficiency of our state-of-the-art solutions.

In the area of health on public premises, eurochem guarantees the performance of their applications for personal hygiene, air freshening, disinfecting, fumigation, textile and crockery cleaning, and long-term maintenance on surfaces and furnishings.

Research and development

Research and development

Continuous research is the platform on which eurochem is built to be able to offer expert advice and optimal service, crucial in a professional area that calls for both constant improvement in current products as well as the creation of new solutions.

Our R&D Department, which participates in research lines from several universities, is committed not only to the quality of our products, but also to the control of their properties and the suitability of their applications.

Environmental protection is one of the cornerstones at eurochem. We feel proud to dedicate technology and research resources to the development of non-aggressive biodegradable products that do not harm the environment.



In order to offer a one-stop-shopping service to our customers and to optimize the performance of our applications, eurochem completes its product catalogue with a first-rate range of industrial cleaning and maintenance appliances and accessories (vacuum cleaners, rotary machines, polishing machines, dispensers, electronic dosage units, etc.).

Our Logistics Department, fitted with the most advanced information technologies, ensures that every order is delivered at the right moment and in the right place; orders can be delivered to our customers at the very place where they are about to be used.

Online commercial management platform

Online commercial management platform

Nowadays, client-supplier relations go far beyond the simple sale of products and services, requiring greater collaboration in various aspects of the companies in question, leading to operational activities that permit maximum competitiveness and effectiveness in daily management.

The eurochem platform aims to facilitate to our clients the option of placing their orders online, viewing the state of their orders, the delivery dates and finding out the total price together with corresponding orders, the status of purchasing budgets by centre, various statistics, etc.

This platform also provides information relating to the status of client billing, delivery notes and payments, and the client him or herself may electronically download the documents at any given time.

Access to the online commercial platform

To access the platform you must be a client of ours and have a username and password. If you do not have a username, contact us and we will provide you one.

Certifications and Awards
Escultura de Coello en bronce, conmemorativa del Premio de Medio Ambiente de Castilla y León

Certifications and Awards

Winner of the Castilla y León Environment Award

In 2005, eurochem received the “Environment” award from the Official Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Castilla y León. The ceremony took place in Soria, during the III Regional Session of Permanent Environmental Forums, organised by the Cameral entities of the Community and the Regional Government of Castilla y León.

Diploma (click para ampliar)The rationale for this award is two-fold. On the one hand, eurochem is the first company in Castilla y León and only the second in Spain to obtain the European Eco-Label for its cleaning products, a distinction awarded by the EU to those articles that demonstrate the same efficacy as other similar ones on the market, but are simultaneously respectful of the environment and human health, as they avoid components that are either contaminants or too aggressive in their formulas. On the other hand, the Regional Council of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Castilla y León sought to distinguish the work of an SME because, as its president Manuel Vidal Gutiérrez explained during the ceremony, «care for the environment is not solely a matter for the big companies».

The Councillor, Mr. Carlos Fernández Carriedo awarded a commemorative sculpture, and during the ceremony, he called eurochem «an example to be followed by all the companies in the Community».

Other authorities present at the ceremony, such as Encarnación Redondo Jiménez, Mayoress of the Town Council of Soria, or Jesús Moya Moya, President of the Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Soria, also praised the work of eurochem in the development of products that are respectful of the environment.

EU EcolabelWhat is the european ecological eurolabel?

It’s an official symbol of the European Union (Regulations 1980/2000) whose primary function is to stimulate both the supply and demand of products with a reduced environmental impact.

It’s used to distinguish the most environmentally friendly products and services and guiding customers to choose those products and/or your company to be more Distribuidor Oficial/Official Dealer environmentally friendly.

There are three fundamental reasons to choose the European Ecological Label.

The first is believable because it is based on market and scientific solid research, and supported by the European Authorities and Member States.

It is trusty because it is certified by an independent official Institution.

It is visible, making more simple the customerīs choice, it comprises various product ranges and takes advantage from the combined promotional effort that the authorities from the EU as well as from the Autonomous Regions must do to make this distinguished mark well-known and increase the demand and therefore the number of certifications.

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