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Floor maintenance

Mantenimiento de suelos

With our complete range of products and our technical advice, you will be able to maintain in perfect condition any type of flooring (terrazo, marble, earthenware, textiles, PVC, etc). We have products for use with any cleaning system, either manual or automatic scrubbing and shining machines.


Lavado de vajilla

This range is designed to respond to the cleaning of all types of dishes in the most adverse conditions, with all types of water and different degrees of hardness. By using our additive Abrilux, you will achieve the perfect rinsing and drying of your dishes. We also have products for the manual cleaning of dishes and removal of limescale encrustations for the care of your dishwasher.

Window cleaning & multipurpose cleaning

Limpiacristales y multiusos

A range of cleaning agents that enables maintenance cleaning of any type of surface with optimal efficiency and economy.

Air freshener


Our extensive range and the exceptional quality of our air fresheners will enable you to keep your premises free of bad odours, hygienic and pleasantly perfumed.



Bodywork shampoo, water-proofing liquid, undercoat sealing liquids to be used in hand washing or in automatic machines. Solvent- or water-based undercoat sealing products are available.

Disinfectant and descaler

Desinfectantes y desincrustantes

Disinfectants made from quaternary ammonium, chlorinate, etc. Hygienizing and desincrustant detergents for WC.

Personal hygiene

Higiene personal

Wide range of soap pastes to remove even the most tenacious dirt. Gentle and pleasantly perfumed gels for the cleanliness and care of hands. Disinfecting soaps and hydroalcoholic gels for dry use

Our toilet soap removes the most stubborn dirt while its formula protects your hands.

Swimming pool


Products of maximum quality for cleaning the pool basin and disinfecting the water. With our products and technical advice, the water in your pool will remain in perfect conditions of transparency and disinfection.

Grease removing


Wide range of acid and alkaline degreasers to remove all types of dirt and for use with all cleaning systems (manual, scrubbing brushes, hydrocleaners, foam-forming agents, etc.). Acid and alkaline strippers, for all types of water-resistant floors and surfaces.



Eurochem places at your disposal the equipment and accessories indicated for the application of its products with greater effectiveness, safety and economy. Contact us for more information about this range.

Other products

Otros productos

Cellulose and other accessories, as well as other products such as rubbish bags, cleaning trolleys, brushes, containers, wastepaper baskets... Contact us for more information about this range.

Our commitment to sustainable development makes eurochem one of the pioneering companies in the development of products which are respectful of the environment. The obtaining of a European Eco-Label for our Biochem range of products clearly demonstrates our commitment to making available to our clients products of distinguished quality and low aggression for the environment and human health.

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